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V-DUBS is a mobile storage and sharing app for Volkswagen enthusiasts.

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  • Research
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Prototyping


  • User surveys
  • Competitive analyses
  • User personas
  • User stories + Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Hi-fi mockups
  • User testing
  • Final prototype


  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • Invision
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • UsabilityHub
  • Google Forms


  • 3 months


The Problem

Volkswagen enthusiasts have a variety of ways to access information including online forums, and personal cloud storage. However, no cohesive app currently exists where Volkswagen enthusiasts can store and share their passion.

The Solution

V-DUBS is free storage and sharing app for Volkswagen enthusiasts to share photos, tell stories, upload documents related to your passion, and ask questions to the community.

V-DUBS iPhone screens


User Research

It's about the user.

I conducted 2 user surveys. The first survey on cloud storage elicited interesting results that warranted conducting a second survey on social media usage.

Survey Goals: Cloud Storage

Results: Cloud Storage

Most Popular

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Common Actions

  • Save
  • Upload
  • Organize
  • Create files/folders

80% Collaborate

94% Share Docs

Survey Goals: Social Media

Results: Social Media

80% Mobile Access

93% Access Daily


  • Too much unrelated info
  • Too many ads
  • Privacy concerns

Top Features

  • Create content
  • Share content
  • Search in-app

In-depth interviews:

Cars and Coffee.

Having coffee with several members of the Volkswagen community led to more insights about their web habits as they pertain to Volkswagen. I learned there are 3 major tasks that Volkswagen enthusiasts do:

  1. View and share Volkswagen photos
  2. Ask questions to the community
  3. Upload / share car-related documents

Competitive Analysis

Sizing up the competition.

I performed competitive and SWOT analyses on 2 cloud storage platforms (Google Drive and Dropbox) and 1 social/organizational platform, Pinterest. I learned that opportunities do exist to create a pleasant, easy to use platform that can store information.

View Full Results

User Personas

Many people. Common Motivations.

When I attend Volkswagen events, I observe several types of people. Using my observations, along with the survey data, I generated 3 personas:

  1. Enthusiasts
  2. Creatives (i.e. photographers)
  3. Learners (i.e. car restoration)
Marco. The Learner


The Learner | 27 years old


I love cars and am currently restoring a 1996 Volkswagen Jetta. I want to easily share restoration photos and ask questions to the community.


I find myself sharing content in multiple places. I don’t want to use multiple apps to find and share information.

Brett. The Enthusiast.


The Enthusiast | 65 years old


I consider myself an amateur car restorer, collector, and photographer. I want an app where I can share my passion with others who feel the same.


I can’t find any cohesive apps related to this community. The other platforms I use are cluttered with irrelevant information.

Ellie. The Creative.


The Creative | 34 years old


I manage automobile exhibits for an antique auto museum and enjoy driving my classic VW to auto shows. I want an easy way to create notes and share photos in one app.


Uploading my notes to share with others isn’t easy and I can’t create new content with my current apps.

User Stories

Less is more.

After researching apps and creating a lengthy list of user tasks, I prioritized these tasks to create an MVP.

High Priority Items

Information Architecture

User Flows

Moving right along.

From the highest priority user stories, I sketched flows for the following tasks:

Sign up user flow View User Flows


Showing the vision.

Wireframe sketches
Landing Page Add content
Sign Up Ask a question
New Note My Content

User Testing Round 1

I tested 10 tasks ranging from signing up for an account, creating content, and logging out of the app.

View Tasks

Results Summary:

  1. Extend the landing page to include more info like ‘About’ and ‘Features’
  2. Confusion over the differences between the Community Tab and the Home button
  3. Hard to tell if Community and My Content tabs are clickable
  4. Add organization options like folders or tags within your content
User testing results

Visual Design


Don't let simplicity scare you.

Moodboard inspiration for app

Volkswagen is a playful brand with vibrant vehicle colors and humorous, vintage car ads. My moodboard incorporated these values into the branding. The target audience should be able to identify with the elements of the app: from the logo design and color palette to typography and imagery.

Word cloud to V-DUBS.

Logo sketches

The logo evolved from a word cloud of car-related terms to the final version of a Volkswagen Beetle. The logo needed to be clear and easily identifiable. There is almost nothing else more identifiable than the shape of a Volkswagen Beetle.

Final V-DUBS logo

V-DUBS is a play on letters V-W. I played with other names, but quickly settled on this as it is an identifiable term in the VW community. The font itself resembles the font on European license plates.

Color Palette

Color me vintage.

Primary Colors




Secondary Colors




The color palette is made of classic Volkswagen car colors from the 1960s and 1970s. Primary colors are found mostly on the landing page. In-app, colors are generally neutral with subtle pops of color. The focus in-app is on the content.


What's your type?

Fonts used in the app

FE Font is a display font that mimics the font used on European license plates and is used only for the logo. Lato is a simple, modern font to complement the playfulness of Fe Font and is used for all headlines and text throughout the app.

View Style Guide


Preference Testing

Which do you prefer?

Landing Page Background Image

Landing page background image Landing page background image

Over 70% of users preferred the Option B. Seeing the iconic Volkswagen bus and VW logo better represents the brand.

Bottom Navigation Bar vs Top Tab Navigation

Dashboard with no tabs Dashboard with tabs

Over 80% of users preferred Option A. Keep navigation simple and familiar. Don't make people think.

Dashboard Background Color

Dashboard with gray background Dashboard with off white background

55% of users preferred Option B. This particular test will warrant more research.

Hi-Fi Mockups

The app comes to life.

Hi-fi mockup screens

User Testing Round 2

I conducted a second round of user testing with 14 tasks.

View Tasks

Results Summary:

  1. There is a search bar and a search icon. Are they both needed?
  2. Replacing or deleting a photo/document isn’t obvious.
  3. Sign Out should be more prominently displayed and easier to find.
User testing round 2

Conclusion & Lessons

In the Volkswagen community, everyone has a story. V-DUBS is a platform where every VW lover and enthusiast to share their story. Being a Volkswagen enthusiast myself, this project was fun to bring from concept to completion. Though I expected my initial timeline to be shorter, encountering and solving several challenges that arose as the project progressed made for 1) fewer assumptions about what users want and 2) an accurate app representing the wants and needs of the community. One other challenge I overcame was containing/limiting scope creep. I have so many interesting ideas for what the app could be in the future. So, I had to resist the urge to do all the things at once with the app.

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